Monday, June 15, 2015

Little Musician

Leyton loves music.  He always has.  It's something I have always loved, but for me it was always the lyrics and singing along.  I had absolutely no interest in the instruments that went along with playing that music.  Leyton on the other hand loves what it takes to make the music.  When he listens to songs he hears the instruments.  He talks about the guitar playing, he picks out the drum rhythm, he counts along with beats.  We bought him a drum set when he was about 2 years old.  When he would play it, it was never "Animal" style.  It was always a beat of 2 on each drum.

Over the years the interests have changed.  Sometimes it's the drums, sometimes it's guitar, sometimes air guitar and sometimes piano.  For his 5th birthday we got him an electric guitar and he absolutely LOVES playing it.  He also still loves the drums though and his ability to find the beat in a song blows me away.

One of his favorite places to go is the "music store."  The staff is starting to know him there and he gets to go in and try out all sorts of instruments.  Last week they even let him use the real drums.  Typically kids his age are only allowed to practice on the electric drums.  The main reason, he is not crazy on them.  He sits down and he finds beats.  Sure his drum stick sometimes hits the edge of the drum, but on most sessions someone talks about how well he does for a kid his age.

This weekend we went to a farmer's market and the Sacramento Philharmonic was there with instruments for kids to try.  He got to try the stand up base (which he is very drawn to), a violin, a recorder (which he hated) and a trumpet.  When he picked up the trumpet the guy at the booth gave him one instruction on how to blow and just let Leyton do his thing.  He made the sound on the first try and then started adding in his fingers to change the sound coming out.  He wasn't playing anything you'd want to dance to, but he was instantly figuring out on his own and from all the things he watches how to play this instrument.  The guy casually told me, "your kid is a natural.  I'm not sure how old he is, but keep an instrument in his hands.  Rent items and let him play them until he gets old enough for proper lessons, he will find his instrument and he will be good."  It warmed my soul.

Leyton is not the greatest athlete.  He's also only 5.  We let him try things but he is definitely the goof off kid when it comes to sports.  He'd rather play in the net and put the cone on his head than figure out or even pay attention to the rules of the game.  However, he will stand and watch a band play music for hours.  He doesn't bounce around and go crazy dancing and running all over the place.  He stands there and watches.  He pays attention to their moves, he pays attention to their instruments and he comes away with such a glimmer in his eyes it is magical.

If there was ever a time that I wished his Grandma Joan was still around it is now.  She loved him so dearly and she would be so happy to see his love for music and instruments.  I feel like this is the part of her that lives deeply in him and I hope his life continues to be full of musical magic!!!