Monday, March 2, 2015

My friend Alex.....

This weekend was a pretty great time for me.  Back in 2007 I heard a song that became one of my all time favorites.  I can still listen to it and get that little feeling inside.  It came on Pandora one day and I immediately had to find it and buy it.  That song is called "I Will Keep The Bad Things From You" by The Damnwells.  You can check it out yourself here:

Years later through a random chain of events the lead singer, Alex Dezen released an album for the Getty Owl Foundation and I got a chance to meet him.  Since then I have seen him in concert a couple times including last year in New York.

Recently Alex posted online that he wanted to do some house concerts and would any West Coast people be interested.  I think I responded in 10 seconds and a couple weeks later Alex and his girlfriend Amber were staying at my house.

The performance, amazing.  It was a night that will go down for me as one of the best memories of my life.  I spent time with friends listening to someone that I greatly admire as a musician and also genuinely like as a person.  It doesn't end there though.  Later that evening, when I went to pick Leyton up and bring him home, he discovered that Alex had a guitar and wanted him to play for him.  When we got home Alex was on board to play Leyton a couple songs and even jumped on the offer to play them while sitting on Peanut's lap.  Leyton was enthralled.  So much so that between a song us crazy adults got the idea that we were going to talk about something and Leyton chimed in with "Can you just play another song already!"

The next day, after Alex and Amber had headed off on their next adventure, Leyton and I were driving in the car.  We frequently put on Spotify and listen to our favorite songs shuffle.  One of the songs that Alex sang, The Great Unknown, came on.  Leyton's eyes got huge and the conversation went like this:

Leyton: Mommy, this is Alex!  How did my song get on the radio?
Me: well bud, Alex is a musician.  He has albums and plays concerts for people.
Leyton: Whooooaaaaa!  Can you put his songs on my playlist?

It was such an incredible moment where I really got to see how special this single moment became for him.  A memory for him that will also last a lifetime.  He listened to that song at least 10 times yesterday and if anyone was in ear shot of it he would say to them, "This is my friend Alex!  He sang this song for me last night!"

Thanks again Alex, you are by far Leyton's new best friend.