Tuesday, November 3, 2015


I really want to take a bit of time and talk about the trips we have taken this year....they have been PLENTIFUL.  I have always loved traveling and going on "adventures" so being able to do so has been wonderfully exhausting.  "The List" had a big part to do with it, but there were many trips that were happening with or without the list.

First stop.....Disneyland!  We took Leyton to Disneyland for the first time, it was a gift for him for his 5th birthday.  Now let me start by saying, this is NOT my husband's idea of a good time.  In fact, at almost 45 years old he had NEVER been to Disneyland.  He's more of a go camping, fishing, outdoors and small crowds kind of guy.  I was a bit nervous about this trip, but I also knew he really needed to come.  It would be fun for him to see it through Leyton's eyes and fun for me to have both of my guys there.  Since Bill had never been, and likely would never go again, I figured we ought to go big or go home.  I booked us a package so we would stay at the Disneyland Hotel.  We had three day hopper passes so we could see both parks.

Leyton was in awe the moment we arrived.  He was also exhausted and was forced to take a nap when we got to the room.  Once he woke up we headed into Disneyland, getting a rather late start.  The place was PACKED.  I think every high school graduation trip was happening the day we were there.  Thankfully Leyton was super patient with the lines and managed to get in a couple rides.  Then it was time to watch the fireworks.  Only problem.....the fireworks were cancelled due to wind.  There was literally NO WIND.  The chaos that ensued after the cancellation was enough to rattle even my crowd loving self so we found our way out of the park so we could begin again the next day.

Day two started with a character breakfast.  Leyton was all about the characters.  In fact, overall we spent more time getting character signatures than we did riding rides.  He was just so dang excited about it so we went with it.  After the breakfast we headed back into the park, running into the Biebs on the way.  The swarm of 17-18 year old hormone filled teenage girls was a site to be seen!!!  We spent the afternoon in the park and then Leyton really wanted to go to the pool.  Leyton is NOT a swimmer, but again I went with it and hoped for the best.  Him and swimming has been one of the most frustrating things for me.  I have always loved the water and had hoped he would too, but up until this trip he was always afraid.  While at the pool he befriended a boy that was just slightly younger than him but very water comfortable.  That was all it took!  By the end of the time at the pool Leyton was going down the biggest waterslide at the hotel!  We never managed to make it back into Disneyland that day, he just wanted to swim and go on the waterslides.

Day three we spent in California Adventure.  We finally figured out the early entry this day and took advantage of the crowdless morning.  It was amazing how much we were able to get done in that short time, including riding the Tower of Terror.  My boy is SO INTO rides, much like myself at his age and I was so proud of him for braving even the scariest ride.  We hit almost every ride in California Adventure and I dare say it was my favorite park.  I love Disneyland but California Adventure was so much more chill and that new Cars Land area is pretty spectacular.

Overall this trip was a hit!  While he won't go again, even Bill got into it and enjoyed seeing it with Leyton.  You just can't help but become a kid yourself when you are there.  I'm sure Leyton and I will go back, but I'd like to do it in 3-5 years when he is a little older and I'm not so scared about losing him.  I have to say the best decision was just letting Leyton dictate the trip.  We went where he wanted to go, on what he wanted to ride and stopped when he wanted to stop.  The lack of structure made it so much more enjoyable!!! 

This picture is my favorite from the whole trip.  We were checking out of the hotel and Leyton was sitting in this TV area and without even knowing Goofy came up and sat with him and started watching TV.  It was MAGICAL.  It was everything Disneyland should be.  My son was smitten and just sat there with his new best friend watching some cartoons.

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