Monday, August 19, 2013

Summer Challenge Complete!!!

I can't believe that the Summer Challenge is over!  How has 90 days past already??  So, let's recap shall we?  When I started the Summer Challenge I looked like this:

I weighed 226lbs and swam twice a week and that was it.  I hadn't put that bikini on in almost 10 years.  If you had asked me to post a half naked picture of myself online for the world to see I would have told you that you were crazy.  Signing up for that challenge and posting that picture changed me.  I looked at that picture and thought that while there were tons of things I would still like to fix it wasn't so bad.  I knew it could be better, but it was the first step in truly liking myself and appreciating what I had.

Today I look like this:

I weigh 209lbs and I work out at least 6 days a week.  I lift weights, I swim, I bike, I paddle...I do any and every bit of activity that I can.  I'm absolutely addicted to the fatigue feeling I get in my body after working out and the slightly sore feeling that is always present.  I sleep well at night, I have a ton of energy and just an overall positive outlook on myself and where my life is headed.

Since changing my lifestyle back in October of 2012 I have lost a total of 51 lbs.  I'm down 5 pants sizes and three shirt sizes.  I have not had soda in almost a year!  I juice, I eat clean and I take care of myself.

Do I think I'm perfect?  Nope.  Do I give over 100%?  Yep.  To me that is perfection right now.  Just continuing to give my all and becoming someone that I am proud of.  I'm proud to be setting these examples for my son.  He doesn't see a mommy that is tired and taking naps and overeating a bunch of crap anymore.  He sees a mommy that comes homes stinky and sweaty from the gym.  A mommy that bikes him to daycare most days when the weather is nice.  A mommy that juices in the mornings and gives him drinks of her yummy smoothies.

This weekend we went camping and had such a crazy physical adventure!  90 days ago this camping trip would have been MUCH different.  Even though I had already lost weight at that point I was not in the physical shape that I am now.  I made a video for my challenge that talks about this and you can watch that here:
I posted that video and my pictures yesterday on  Facebook and Instagram and the outpouring was amazing.  It still blows my mind when I get messages where I am told I am an inspiration.  The thing is, I get inspiration from all these people and their positivity and to think that I might be giving back to them is truly heart warming.  If I can help one person with their struggles to health and wellness then I feel like I have made such a good mark in this world and that means a ton to me.  The thing is, we all hold the key to our health and our success.  We all have ALWAYS had it.  Sometimes we just need to find the right people in our life that will help us discover and use our key.

I still have a long road ahead of me, but my key is out and I'm ready to open all the doors!!  I hope you choose to come through them with me!

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  1. Woohoo! That's an amazing accomplishment! And good for you for being so brave. It's so much "easier" to just kind of float through the day eating crap. Mike and I have made some changes, too. And I've lost some weight. My body feels different these days. I feel like I can stand up straight and my back is much happier. Let's keep up the good work! It looks good on you!