Wednesday, August 7, 2013


We decided on this Donner Lake vacation to do something a little different that we hadn't tried before and take a float down the Truckee River.  The section where we would be going is really calm and I figure Leyton would have a great time.  While he doesn't love the water, he does love being on a boat and the paddle board so I figured a raft would be right up his alley.

He was so happy on that raft.  He was hanging his leg off the side, walking around, feeding the ducks, just having an absolute great time.  In fact, he was almost clueless to the fact that he was surrounded by water.

At one point he decided he wanted to get in the raft with my niece and nephew and just went clamoring in.  Of course, moments later we went through a tiny section of rapids and out he fell!  He was sitting on the edge and when the raft bumped a rock it was just enough to knock him out of the boat.  My sister in law was quick and grabbed him by the leg so he wasn't in the water long and never got his face wet.

He immediately said that we needed to go home and he didn't like rafting.  It took him some time to calm down and he definitely was a bit more clingy with me on the rest of the trip, but overall rafting was a blast!  I want to try and take him now down the American River before it gets to chilly.

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