Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Reap the rewards!!!

When I signed up for the Summer Challenge I was motivated to get myself in better shape, hopefully lose some weight and to keep me pushing myself.  I wanted to try some new things and see what I could do in about 90 days.  I didn't realize all that I was going to end up with though, and I still have a month to go.

If it weren't for the Summer Challenge I would have NEVER posted a picture of myself anywhere in a swimsuit.  It felt so crazy when I did it, but what I ended up with was an acceptance and love for my body at that very moment.  If I made it look and feel better then that would be a bonus.  I finally looked at myself from a different perspective and realized that I wasn't so bad.  I became so much happier in that moment and realized that even if I stayed the same I would be OK.  Now, I could care less about posting a picture of myself and how many people see it.  Don't get me wrong, I'll be keeping some level of clothing on, but as a swimmer being in a swimsuit was no big deal until I started hating myself.  I'm happy to not be hating myself anymore, and if someone can look at a picture and be motivated by it then that helps push me along too.

I posted the pictures on my blog and then started posting things on the Juicing Vegetables Facebook page so I could share with others that were on the journey or thinking of starting it.  When I did that, I was contacted by the Fitlife Team because, are you ready for this, they wanted to GIVE ME a juicer!!!  When I got their email I cried.  I was being rewarded for doing something good for myself!  I was being recognized and it felt so good and I will be forever grateful to them.

My health station at home is rocking now and so much goodness comes out of this area!!

Yesterday I went to Kohls to look at bathing suits and found a dress on a clearance rack.  It was $15 and a size large.  The color was a little funny for me but I thought I would give it a try anyway.  That damn dress fit like a glove.  I loved it, it was comfortable and I bought it and took it home.  I posted a picture online of myself in that dress and today I did another comparison with a photo I have never shown anyone.

Back in October of 2012 when I started getting healthy and juicing I took a picture of myself.  I was in a bra and underwear because there was no way that girl would have put on a bikini in a million years.

That is me, 51lbs heavier.  Most everything about me is bigger except for one thing, my confidence.  I'm happy to be the confident woman on the left now and plan to rock the shit out of that dress.


  1. winning a juicer is CRAZY COOL!!!!! KEEP UP the great commitment you have for healthier living! Pearlene

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  3. LOVE the dress. Congrats on the juicer. Your journey IS INSPIRING! Keep up the great work. You rock!