Tuesday, July 23, 2013

My little Minnie

Leyton went to a birthday party on Sunday that was a Minnie Mouse theme!  His good friend Presley was turning 3 and her Mom had all sorts of cute stuff for the kiddos.  When Leyton got there he was given a pair of Mickey ears which he wanted NOTHING to do with.  To be honest though, at the beginning he wanted nothing to do with the party.  He loves going to things like that but once he gets there he gets very quiet.  Sometimes this passes quickly and other times he will spend the whole time just observing.  I used to struggle with this because I was such an outgoing kid, but now I just roll with it and let him figure out what he wants to do.

About an hour in he warmed up and started playing with the other kids.  It was about this time that he spotted the table of ears again and decided he wanted a pair, only he wanted to wear the Minnie ears.  As soon as he put those things on my heart melted.  He was just so dang adorable, especially when he jumped on the pink scooter that Presley got for her birthday.

Later I even got him to be comfortable in the pool!  He had all his clothes on and spent his time lounging in a raft, but I was so happy that he even went in the water and was having fun!  Plus, this picture totally melted my heart again.
On Monday it was time for Leyton to go to daycare.  One of his favorite things to do is find something to take to daycare with him.  Sometimes it's a snack, sometimes it's a book, sometimes it's a toy.  When he has something new though it is always what he goes for first.  On Monday it was his Minnie ears.  He was SO EXCITED to put them on and wear them to daycare and show his friends.  When we got inside though his two friends laughed at him.  As a Mom it was absolutely heart breaking.  I know that kids will be kids but this was my first encounter of Leyton being laughed at.  He took his Minnie ears off and walked over to me and hugged my leg.  I let him know that it was OK to wear the Minnie ears and didn't matter if his friends didn't like them.  Minnie ears were cute and they were fun and if wanted to, he should put them on.  I was so proud when he did and even told one of the boys not to talk to him because he wasn't being nice.  I know this won't be the first time that someone laughs at Leyton, but I hope he always able to stand up for himself and take it like a champ and continue being the cute little individual that he is!

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