Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Holding Strong

I've had a couple people ask lately how the eating is going and realized I probably need to update on here.  For the month of July I have kept my weight exactly the same.  Well, I go up and down about 2-3lbs but never outside of that range.  I increased my activity quite a bit this month and found that I was hungry.  When I was hungry, I would eat.  I didn't look at how many calories or worry about it too much and so my body has just maintained my weight.  I'm happy with that.  I do still want to lose weight but I also want to know how to keep it the same and not stress about it either.  I want this process to take time so I have time to make it stick.

My diet consists of a juice every morning and then a smoothie or raw lunch.  I eat cooked at dinner.  For the most part that dinner is vegetarian but I have had some meat here and there.  Most of the time when I do try it I don't love it enough to eat much.  Last night I cooked some fish and couldn't eat it at all so just ate the sides.

Tomorrow things will switch up quite a bit.  I'm doing a 90 challenge with called Weak Bod to Greek God(dess).  This will consist of an eating plan and a workout routine.  It will start with a juicing protocol.  Starting tomorrow, for the next three days I will juice only and then will start adding some simple foods back in each day.  By day 7 I will be eating normal again, but a very clean and plant rich diet.  Sounds simple enough...I mean I ate raw for 30 days so what is 7 right?

Well, here's the kicker.  On August 4th I leave on vacation for a week to a cabin in Donner Lake.  Typically this would mean all the food and booze I want and days filled with lounging around.  I'm taking a much different path this time and will be watching my diet and continuing my work out plan.  I'm both nervous and very excited.  It would be amazing to come back from a vacation in better shape than how I went into it!!

I have 18 days until the end of the Summer Challenge and I plan on using each one to it's maximum potential!  Wish me luck!!  I'll be posting my final after picture on August 18th...stay tuned!!

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