Monday, June 3, 2013

The Weekend Raw Recap

Another weekend has passed and we didn't really do anything adventurous for me to share so I'm just going to focus on the raw challenge that I started.  I've decided to blog about this daily during the week, but on weekends I will take a break.  I have found the last thing I want to do on the weekends is get online to write so I'm not going to force it.

I officially signed up for the 30 Day Raw Challenge with The Green Boheme.  I have been dining at this restaurant for a couple months and decided it was time to take on the challenge.  The challenge is put on by Chef Brooke, who helps with the menu and supports through the challenge.  We have meetings once a week and there are Dine and Demo's during the week as well.  I knew I wanted support doing something like this so it will be worth every penny.

The great thing about The Green Boheme is you can also do a food plan and pick up as much or as little of your food as you want.  Since I already do juices and smoothies I decided to just pick up my main meals and snacks.

I started the cleanse on Saturday the 1st.  I didn't have any food yet from The Green Boheme (pick up is on Sunday) so I was on my own this day.  I start every day with a probiotic and since I don't know how to make this yet I just drink some Revive Kombucha.  This is one of my favorites and something I always have in the fridge.  After that I start the day with a 16oz green juice.  My favorite combo is: apple, celery, cucumber, lemon, kale and ginger.  There are MILLIONS of other things you can juice I have just found that I like my juices a little less sweet so the green versions suit me perfectly.  The fun part about juicing at home is even the kids who hates everything will drink some!

After getting my breakfast in I did try something new this weekend!  The River City Rowing Club was having a free rowing day so I went out and tried it.  It is right by my house and I have to say I LOVED IT.  I'm now on the fence about joining, but know that if I do I have to wait until around August or September because our summer is busy enough.  Plus, I still REALLY want a paddle board and think I'd rather put the money towards that.

For lunch I made myself a green smoothie.  I fill up an entire quart mason jar to the tippy top!

My green smoothies are always different and it just depends on what fruits I have.  A common combo would be berries, mango (or banana - I like using one or the other because these fruits add some thickness), kale (or spinach) and lately some beet.  The beet adds some sweetness, is great for the digestion and makes the smoothie BRIGHT red instead of green.  Oh, I also put in water, flax seed and some liquid minerals.  You can seriously play around with this.  Sometimes I add watermelon, sometimes pineapple, sometimes mint.  You really can't go wrong here!!  If I know I am working out then I also like to add some of the Garden of Life Raw Vegan protein powder.  It tends to fill me up more when I have that in it.  Overall though it takes me probably an hour to two hours to drink this.  I tend to drink half quickly and then sip the rest or even put it in the fridge and come back to it later.

When I get hungry again I have a snack.  This might be something from The Green Boheme or it might be some raw veggies or raw fruit.  I also got some raw kale chips and a super delicious raw cashew cheese that I'm in love with.  Basically, if I get hungry I eat something.  I am over the days where I sit around hungry and feel like I can't eat because it's not "time yet."

For dinner I am eating food right now from The Green Boheme until I get brave enough to try some meals on my own that aren't just salad.  Truth be told though, her food is so damn good I might not ever want to get brave enough!  I mean really, a dinner of a Caesar salad and pizza!

You can't go wrong with that.  For dessert I even got to have a lemon cheesecake and OH MY LORD it was a heavenly experience.

As for how I'm feeling, yesterday was dicey.  I was tired and cranky, common detox symptoms.  They are NOTHING like the first time around but I was in such a different eating place then.  It's now day three and I already feel better.  I know by tomorrow I will be rocking and rolling.  So far so good and honestly I'm just filled with so much excitement and motivation right now.  Posting that picture last week and hearing all of your outpouring of amazing messages and encouragements was so much love I had to store it away in a jar so I can tap into it later as well. It really means a ton to have people in my corner fighting along with me and cheering me on.  I will never do this alone again!  There is power in numbers!!

If you want to follow along more, especially with my nightly dinner pics please check out my Instagram feed as I will post a lot more photos on there!

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