Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Raw Challenge Weekend Away

I just had one of the biggest challenges of the entire 30 days.....a weekend vacation away!  There were a couple things that were going to make this easy:

1.  We were staying in a home so I could be in charge of my own food.
2.  I could pack my Vitamix.

A couple things that were going to make it hard:
1.  Feeling like an outsider.
2.  Eating out.

I tried to plan as best I could.  I took some produce with me and some juices.  I was on a mission though to make some dinners on my own while we were there.  It started off good on Friday.  I had my juice in the morning, my smoothie on the drive up and a snack in the car.  On Friday night I made a big spaghetti dinner for everyone and felt a little funny sitting there eating my veggie wraps.  They were delicious though and I got over it.

Saturday morning we all headed to breakfast.  The main purpose of this trip was for my husband to climb Mt. Shasta and they wanted to get in one good meal before they took off.  I cannot even begin to describe how difficult breakfast was.  While breakfast isn't my favorite time to eat during the day, breakfast is one of my favorite foods.  Watching them devour sausage and pancakes while I sat eating a fruit cup was tough.  I also felt like an outsider.

Let's be honest though, I think I felt more like an outsider because of my size and what I was eating.  In my mind I imagined these men that I didn't know thinking, "she didn't get that way eating fruit!" The thing is...I KNOW they weren't thinking that AT ALL.  In fact, I'm pretty certain they didn't even notice or even care but that was that inner voice coming out to beat me up.  Like if I wasn't the size I am I could be eating what I wanted just like they were.

I moved past it though, got a good walk in and made a raw dinner that night.  I tried my hand at pho with spring rolls and it was delicious!  In fact I had more of it last night and the hubs ate a big bowl full as well.  By Sunday I was rocking and rolling and feeling fine with my food.  In fact, I didn't think about the things I couldn't have at all.

We took Leyton to Burney Falls while we were there and it was so fun to see his excitement seeing a big water fall.  Tara took this picture of us and it is one of my favorites ever.  We kept trying to get him to smile and say cheese but he just wanted to stick out his tongue.  I started tickling him and during that moment Tara captured the perfect picture.  I will cherish it always and it's a reminder that it's important for Moms to get in pictures with their kids more.

Overall the weekend went great.  I stuck to my guns, got over my issues and had a vacation that was all about enjoying myself instead of being all about how much and what I was going to eat.  It was nice to have a vacation from food.

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