Thursday, June 6, 2013

Raw Challenge Day 5

I feel like yesterday was the official day that my emotions turned around!!  Here's the thing, while I think that this does have something to do with the detox I also notice a general funk in my emotions when I'm not eating clean.  Eating sugar and processed foods makes me a bitch.  When I stop eating them, for a short time, I become a raging bitch.  On the outside though I keep up appearances and to everyone else (except maybe my husband and my son) I appear kind and nice.  While inside there is a lunatic just screaming to get out.  Realizing this is what really made me open my eyes to how much food does affect us.

I want to back up a couple years and talk about something that has been in my head this week.

I used to work at Java City.  I started working there when I was 22 and stopped working there when I was 32, ten whole years.  We have a friend Chris that worked with us, because ALL of our friends worked with us, and he was a vegan and did not drink.  Let me be honest for a second, I thought he was nuts.  He was and still is the sweetest guy, but REALLY?  You don't eat meat?  You aren't going to have a beer with us?  The whole concept just seemed absolutely insane to me.  He'd come to our dinners and bring his own food and  I know at some point we all poked fun at him. Teasing him about his tofurkey and the goodies he couldn't have when we would get them in at Christmas time.  Oh, but it was totally fine for us to stuff our faces with copious amounts of food, gorge ourselves on dip and then wash it all down with a 6 pack!  It's amazing how eye opening it can be when you just grow up and open your eyes a little.

When I did my first cleanse back at the end of September I had no intentions other than get healthy.  It was two weeks of a vegan and very limited raw diet.  When I finished I continued eating vegan until Thanksgiving.  During that time I also watched "Forks Over Knives" and "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead." Needless to say it was all pretty eye opening.  What if all these years I had been the crazy one with my standard American diet and Chris was actually the one on the path of getting it right?  I mean, those first three days of detox felt like I was dying.  How good could the food possibly be that I was taking in to make me feel like that when I stopped eating it?  Also, once it was taken out and my body had some time to recoup I felt AMAZING.  My energy was off the charts, my head was completely clear and I felt truly happy and content.

I see so many things right now in the media, on Facebook, online, etc about a whole foods plant based diet.  It's becoming mainstream.  It's becoming the diet that more people are turning to in order to turn their lives around whether it be because of excess weight or health issues.  More studies are showing us that the food that we have been eating for many years is truly the cause of many of our problems.  Let's be honest though, whole foods/plant based is a vegan diet.  Vegan diets have been around FOREVER but the stigma attached to them has always been that the person must be a nut job.  I truly believe that is why it is being called "Plant based" instead.  Now, don't get me wrong.  I think it's possible to eat a vegan diet that is very bad for you as well, and I'm sure Chris would agree with me on that since I have watched his diet transition to something very different than what he was doing 5-10 years ago.

Overall I'm still not sure what I am, I'm not sure that I will ever categorize myself.  I do think that after doing this 30 day raw it is going to be near impossible for me to go back to being a meat eater.  Could it happen?  Yes.  Does it sound appealing right now?  No.  I know I have said in a couple posts, but there is always that cheeseburger.  Truth be told, right before this raw challenge I had a cheeseburger and it tasted like the grossest thing I had ever eaten.  This burger from The Green Boheme last night was so much more appetizing than what I ate from Squeeze Inn.

Ultimately I think we all need to think about our food and how it makes us feel.  Are we tired all day?  Do we always feel irritable?  Are we not sleeping well at night?  If so, take some time to think...could it be the food you are eating and the drinks you are drinking that make you feel that way?  I'm sure finding out it was for me.  One of the most interesting things Chef Brooke has said is "What would your Garden of Eden look like?"  I'm pretty certain mine wouldn't be filled with boxes of mac and cheese and cows that I could kill later for a good burger.

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