Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Raw Challenge Day 4

Today was a much better day!  The detox symptoms had settled down quite a bit and I was rocking and rolling in the morning.  I got up, got myself together and made my juice and smoothie for the day.  I got to work, cracked my juice open and BLAMO....

disgusting!  The worst juice I have ever made or had.  It was SOOO bitter it almost burned drinking.  I knew this was my only option though so I sucked it up and literally, well, sucked it up!  I didn't want to spend the morning hungry.  I used my normal combo but I'm thinking my apple wasn't sweet enough and I just ended up tasting all the kale and ginger.

Thankfully my smoothie at lunch was soooo delicious.  I put in mango, pineapple, strawberries, spinach, int,  flax seed, liquid minerals and water.  Brown in color by lunch time but absolute deliciousness in a mason jar. The thing is though, this thing is 32oz.  Also, by the time I am drinking it, it has thickened quite a bit so I tend to water it down while I'm drinking.  It just feels like so much.  It took me THREE HOURS to drink it all.  I was never too full and I was never was kind of perfect.

The best part about yesterday was it was Tuesday Night Dine and Demo at The Green Boheme.  Chef Brooke was showing us how to make pho and spring rolls and they were to die for.

One of the best things I've eaten there.  Even better, the recipe is EASY and I will be making it next week at home.  I'm determined to try and "cook" for myself next week to get a feel for what it will be like and this soup will be perfect.  I also loved the evening and getting the chance to meet some people and talk to both people that are starting to eat raw and those that have already completed a challenge.  I'm pretty certain Tuesday will be my nightly get away and I'll continue to do these demos, they are just so much fun.

After my evening I went home and relaxed.  It was my night off from exercise and I wanted to enjoy every lazy moment of it.

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