Monday, June 24, 2013

Raw Challenge Day 19-23

Oh my goodness I only have a week left!  I can't believe how fast this has gone.  Here is something interesting that has happened in the past couple days.  My cravings have gone through the roof!  I've had a pretty easy time as far as cravings were concerned but right now everything looks good.  I want rice, I want pasta, I want a bean burrito, I want pizza, I want sushi.  The list could go on and on. I spent some time trying to figure out what was going on.  Was it a late detox symptom?  The more I thought the more I realized, it's that annoying person in my head.  The one that knows the challenge is almost over and is reminding me of all the things I can start eating.  The thing is though, I really don't want all those things and my intent when this challenge is over is to not go gang busters on a bunch of cooked foods.  That little voice in my head is a self sabotager and I know I have to pay attention to it but at the same time tell it to shut up.  Many times I have taken this little voice for my own voice and done myself in.  I refuse to let that happen this time around!!

I've been much more adventurous in the food department at home the past week!  I've made myself some delicious meals.  Most of the time they are rolls of some sort using lettuce leaves as my wrapper but I did buy some tortillas from The Green Boheme so I could have some more variety.  Since I don't have a dehydrator I can't make these myself yet.  On Saturday I made a raw peanut sauce with tahini and used it on some spring rolls and oh my goodness it was heaven!  So I used it again Sunday night with some zucchini pasta topped with red bell pepper and cilantro.

This was seriously sooo yummy.  I could eat this again and again!  Thankfully it made a large portion of sauce so I can use it for many other meals this week.

In other news, this weekend I participated in an open water swim.  This is the first time I have done one in 12 years.  It was 1.2 miles and I was SO NERVOUS going into it.  I could feel my stomach spinning, but I knew that no matter what I would do it and give it my all.  It was on my list of goals for this summer and I wasn't going to let a little nervousness stop me.

In the end I did great!  I finished 5th for my age group which felt really good.  I'm already on the hunt for a couple others and hope to do one a month through the summer.  One of which is Donner Lake which is 2.7 miles from shore to shore.  I may have lost my mind with that one but I'm certain I will do it anyway.  I'm also excited because I signed up to work out with a personal trainer once a week and I start on Wednesday.

I have one week left, but I still have so much time to keep myself on track and keep kicking my own ass.  It feels good, in fact I feel better than I have in a very very long time.  If anyone reading this is thinking to themselves that they are tired of being tired all the time.  Tired of feeling hungover when they haven't even been drinking.  Tired of walking around in a fog and relying on caffeine to get you through the day.  Just know, there are other options.  The choices I now make have me feeling like a kid again and I wouldn't trade that for any indulgent food on the menu!

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