Thursday, June 13, 2013

Raw Challenge Day 12

The challenge is going great.  I realized it's going to be hard to write about it each day unless you just want me to post a picture of what I ate that day...but even that will get a bit boring.  So, much like life, I'm going to take it as it comes and just write to you when I feel like I have something to say or something to share.

While I went off the pick up meal plan from The Green Boheme this week so I could make some stuff on my own...I have made nothing on my own!!  Lucky for me The Green Boheme had some "buy one/get one" sales on meals and I got four meals for the price of two.  I still do make my own juice and my own smoothie in the morning and this Saturday I will be "cooking" a meal in its entirety for myself AND someone else!  Yep, I'm spreading the raw love.  I got myself a spiralizer on Amazon so I can make some pastas and can't wait to bust that thing out, although that probably won't happen until next week.

Today my friend Jennifer wrote this on Facebook:
"I truly believe life is too short to waste on body dysmorphia.  I know too many people who focus too hard on their bodies in a negative light.  I personally love my body in all its flaws and imperfections.  I am me.  What I don't like I work to change or I work to accept.  Please friends, start loving who you were made to be.  No one can be you but you.  Be an original, not a copy."

I seriously smiled from ear to ear and at the same time took a deep breath.  Truer words have not ever been spoken.  I have spent SO MUCH of my life beating up and picking apart my body.  You know where it has gotten me?  It got me a body that I liked even less so I could pick on it some more.  I didn't ever focus on any of the good things about it or any of the strengths.  Until I posted a picture of myself in a bikini.  I'm not sure why that was such a turning point for me, but instead of looking at that picture and seeing all the things that were wrong I was instead proud of that body.  In that moment I realized I had to start seeing myself different and I can't tell you the impact that it has had.  Do I want to lose weight still, yes.  The thing is I want to lose weight for the health benefits more than how it going to change my size.  I want to run after my boy and not feel fatigued.  I want to be a good example for him.  It's not about fitting in a tiny dress or wearing a bikini on the beach.  Here's the thing, if I want to wear a bikini on the beach then I'm going to do it right now!  Life is too short to wait for the perfect body and if it's the bikini that I want then it's the bikini I will have.  

Yesterday I went to Target and I bought a pair of shorts for the first time in YEARS!  I've had athletic shorts for water sports, but an actual pair of walk around shorts?!  Not a chance.  When I tried them on I instantly went to my upper legs and started seeing the cellulite, starting seeing the extra chub, the extra thickness.  Then I told myself to shut up.  Not out loud although that may have been funny!  Just in my head.  I decided to start thinking about positive things.  How long my legs are.  How far my knee has come.  How tan my skin is and how lovely I think my tattoos look.  So, I bought the shorts and I can't wait to wear them.  We all need to do that!  If you learn to love these things about you then you will find yourself so much happier all around.

Don't go on Pinterest and pin all these pictures of these women that you see as perfect and what you hope to be some day.  Instead why don't you start posting pictures of yourself and sing praise for how wonderful you are RIGHT NOW.  As Jen said, be an original not a copy.  You will spend your life miserable if you just try to copy.

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