Monday, May 13, 2013

Weekend Recap!

This weekend rocked.  I have to say that each weekend I think to myself "Wow, that was the best weekend ever!"

Friday the hubs and I had tickets to see Miranda Lambert with a couple friends.  We met up and carpooled in and got stuck in the WORST traffic.  I could seriously write a blog post about how much I hate the way traffic is navigated in and out of venues.  I feel like if they just let people drive the direction they wanted to drive there would be less traffic.  I digress.  While in this traffic there were moments that we all thought we would never make it and should probably just turn around.  I mean 1 mile in over 30 minutes?!

Thankfully we made it just in time for Dierks Bentley to take the stage.

Yummy.  Love or hate country music, there are some FINE fellas in that industry.  This was the second time seeing Dierks since he was also at Stagecoach and the man knows how to put on a show.  He even brought a girl celebrating her 21st Bday up on the stage so she could play his guitar.  Pretty rad.  Right after that moment my phone died.  No pics of Miranda, who I was really there to see.  No pics of Pistol Annies, whom I absolutely adore.  Then, the finale song...low and behold who should walk out on stage....BLAKE SHELTON.  I just about died.  If you looked up tall glass of water in the dictionary his picture would be right there.

Saturday I told Leyton we would go on a fun adventure!  We started at Weight Watchers, doesn't get more fun than that, especially when you drop 3.4 lbs!!  After the meeting we headed to the Davis Farmers Market for some playground fun and fresh strawberries.  I didn't stop there though.  I knew the Dixon May Fair was going on and I thought it would be fun to take Leyton to his first fair.  Oh man, he LOVED IT.  Loved the rides, love the animals, love just about every part of it.

Well, he hated the part about all the rides he couldn't go on but that's about it.  I wore that boy out!

Sunday we woke up to Leyton barfing.  Good times and way to ring in a Mother's Day.  Whatever was going on with him he got rid of it and was a trouper the rest of the day.  I decided that I wanted a little me time on Mother's Day and I went paddle boarding at Folsom Lake.  Man was it GORGEOUS.  I am seriously now daydreaming and figuring out how I can own a paddle board.  I'm absolutely in love with this sport and want to do it as much as I can!!  I came home to spend the rest of the time with my boys and remember why I became a Mommy in the first place getting lots of snuggles from this guy.

All in all the weekend was just fabulous.  I can't wait for next weekend, which of course will be another best weekend ever.  No wait, we are potty training.  I'm not sure those two things can be used in the same sentence!

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