Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Balloons, balloons, I love balloooooonnnnssss.....

Yesterday was my little mans third birthday!  There are times when I want him to be older, and then there are times when I stop and think, "how have three years have gone by and can we slow this all down?"

I mean seriously, where did that little kid on the left go?  He looks like a little boy now and no longer has that baby face.  I do miss that chubby baby face and those beautiful curls.

I wanted to start the celebration off early so I stole some ideas from Pinterest and decorated his door with streamers.  I also bought a bunch of mylar balloons and put them down the hallway in the house.  The kid loves balloons and I knew he would be happy to see those.  It TOTALLY worked and I ended up with this great gem of a video.

A couple moments later, I could hear him in the house singing and went out to see what he was singing.  Turns out he made up his own little song and thankfully I got a video of that too.

I love when he sings and love it even more when it's his own music.

I planned a little party for him in the evening with a couple of his friends (and our friends.)  I also ordered a cake from my friend Beth.  He LOVES Toy Story, so I went with some of the alien cupcakes and a little Buzz Lightyear small cake for candles.  She did an AMAZING job and I will likely never make cakes again myself.  Needless to say, Leyton and his friends thought it was awesome.

It was such a fun time finding ways to make the day special for him and really getting to see the excitement in his eyes that he knew it was his birthday!

To my boy:

The minute I felt you swimming around I knew you were a boy.  I wanted a boy so badly and knew my dreams and wishes were coming true.  We got off to a rocky start.  I thought I knew how to be a mother and struggled in those first few weeks learning what it is you wanted and what I needed to do.  However, I loved you the moment I laid eyes on you.  You looked just like your Daddy at the time and it filled my heart with such immense joy.  Now you are growing up and outsmarting me at every turn.  You look like me now, but oh your personality is 99.9% Ball.  Those genes run thick in your veins.  It's fun to hear you make little jokes or make up little stories and think that what you are saying could have come right out of your Daddy's mouth.  Then you start singing songs and BAM, it's like looking at a little version of me in the mirror.  You are exploring and learning so much of your world.  You don't always want to do it our way, you don't always want to be careful and as a Mom I need to learn to step back sometimes and just let you figure it out.

This weekend I was so tired on Sunday and all you wanted to do was play.  While trying to get me to play trains, I tried to pull one over on you and excitedly told you that when I looked at my watch it said it was snuggle time!  You were so excited and asked to look at my watch too.  When you did you got really serious, looked at me and said, "No Mommy, it says it's time to play trains."  I'm 37 years old and got out played by a kiddo before he is even three.  I can't imagine what sort of ways you will outsmart me the older you get.

I love you my boy.  I don't get it right all the time, but I will never stop giving over 100% into being the best Mommy I can for you.  You are my heart, and my world.  Don't ever stop being my baby.

I hope all your wishes come true.

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