Tuesday, May 7, 2013


It's time for a weight loss update peeps!!  I'm down 4 more pounds since my last update and currently weight 223.8.  That's a total loss of 36.2 lbs from my heaviest point.  Some other things to note.  At my heaviest my pants were a size 22.  Today I am wearing an 18....butttttttttttt.......

They fit like this!  Time for some new pants people!!!  I was also in an 18 in tops or SQUEEZING into an XXL.  I'm still rocking an XL, but that's mostly because of my gigantic breasts.  Yes, I have big boobs and I cannot lie.  I can't wait for these suckers to disappear.  I can tell though that a size L is just around the corner.

So, what have I been doing.  I'm still going to Weight Watchers and I love it.  Am I counting points...nope.  Am I writing stuff down...nope.  For those of you that know WW you will know I am pretty much breaking the two biggest rules.  The thing is though, I LOVE MY MEETING.  I love the leader, I love the friends I am there with, I love the friends I haven't yet made.  The knowledge I gain from those meetings is just one step in my journey to success.

So, how am I doing this then?  I'm sticking with roughly a 90% whole food clean diet.  I'd say that it's 90% vegan, but I sometimes do hate putting that label on it.  I eat a ton of fruit, I eat a ton of vegetables and I sprinkle it with good carbs and plant based proteins.  For example, last night I made this.

It's an enchilada skillet and was AMAZING.  I made some tweaks and added corn and red bell pepper.  I also used Daiya cheese instead of cheese and added some Nutritional Yeast so it made it a vegan dish.  It was so creamy and rich and delicious I can't wait to make it again.  Next time I plan on using some sweet potato instead of squash.

I really hate putting labels on what I am doing, because I feel like that's where I have failed in the past.  Sometimes I'm vegan, sometimes I'm vegetarian, sometimes I'm raw and sometimes I'm eating a hamburger. It's just making the choice to do the healthiest option as much as I can.  The other thing I like about this "diet" is I don't have to count calories, I don't have to count points.  It's almost impossible to over eat and over indulge this way.

Here's something I learned at the last WW meeting that really held true for me, to be successful you have to find anchors.  Things you can grab onto when you feel like you might float away.  For me it is that, it is also things that inspire me, things that grab me and keep me moving.  I have found a TON of anchors on Instagram.  There are so many damn healthy people and I love seeing what they are doing.  I have exercise anchors, vegan anchors, raw anchors, mommy anchors, craft anchors and just friends.  In some certain way they all keep me grounded and keep me from drifting away.  I also have anchors on Facebook and in my day to day life!  Social media can really come in handy sometimes if you find the right motivators.

In the past I've always done this weight loss thing by myself.  I've never had anyone looking after me, I've never had anyone pushing me.  I'm doing things very different this time and have so many anchors on my ship there is no way that I will sink or float away!!!

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  1. Hi Stacey! I'm new to your blog (got here through facebook--a comment from Amy Habicht maybe?) and love what you're doing with your diet. "Sometimes I'm vegan, sometimes I'm vegetarian, sometimes I'm raw and sometimes I'm eating a hamburger." Ha, ha! That's me, too. We've recently dramatically changed the way we're eating, after watching the Forks over Knifes documentary, but I'm not ready to put a label on it, either. Anyway...thanks for writing about your journey. It's inspiring for all of us thinking about nutritious food and our health. Hope to see you guys sometime soon!