Monday, April 8, 2013

Weekend Recap

This weekend was full, in fact...every weekend in April is going to be full!

Saturday morning I went to Weight Watchers.  I'm not really doing the program to be honest.  I'm not counting points or logging anything.  I'm just going for the meetings.  I like the information I get and it does hold me accountable.  I know that I do ultimately not want to care about the number on the scale but I have decided that until that number is 200lbs I am going to pay attention to it.  Only once a week though, that is all I will allow myself.  Once I get under 200lbs then I will just check my weight once a month.  The scales were in my favor and I have lost 9.2lbs in the last two weeks.  It's felt very natural the past couple weeks, but last night a sugar craving kicked in that got so bad I starting drooling over a commercial of Jeff Foxworthy eating a pie.  You know you have a problem with sugar when THAT looks delicious.

Sunday when Leyton woke up I told him that we were going to have an adventure.  I honestly had no idea what we were going to do, I just knew I wanted to be outside.  It was early so we headed to Fairytale Town and the Zoo.  They open at 9am which is SUCH A BLESSING!  Really, I'm not sure how we are still in a time of things not opening until 10-11am.  Fairytale Town is great because he gets to run around and burn off a ton of energy.  I think he walked the crooked mile at least 5 times.  I went with him twice but with the banged up foot I let him go by himself a couple times after that.  I will say though that I have a panic attack while he's in there because there is a point where I don't see him for quite a while and I'm certain that he's lost in there.

Once we were done there we walked across the street to the zoo.  It was a good zoo day too because all the animals were OUT!  Most of the time they are hiding away, but they too were enjoying the sunshine.  Leyton's favorite part...the fish.  Guess we better head to an aquarium again!  His second favorite was the reptile house.  He kept talking about how it was beautiful in there, yikes.  He also overheard a conversation from a guy who had a boa that would always escape.  This turned into a fun story at home when Leyton got home and told his Dad, "you can't let the snakes out or they will be in the washing machine and bite you."

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