Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Music and Thongs

I just returned from the Stagecoach festival and oh man what an experience!!!!  Last year my friend Wendy and I were on a mission to go this year and I'm so glad we did.  In fact I dare say I will go every year from this point on.  I've never done the festival thing so I wasn't completely sure what it was going to be like.  I just knew there were some artists that I wanted to see perform.

On Friday when we arrived we chilled out and got a feel for the place.  The people watching...EPIC.  Oh my lord did I see some funny funny stuff.  Need an example?  Here you go!

That is just a small small sample of the things that I saw over the weekend.  There were a lot of scantly clad men and women.  I couldn't quit laughing and snapping pictures.  If you want to see more, you can check out my Instagram where I was posting pictures CONSTANTLY.

I visited one of the smaller stages Friday night to check out Jeff Bridges and The Abiders.  I got right in the front and loved every minute.

I know a lot of people instantly go to The Big Lebowski, but I have been in love with Jeff Bridges since Starman!  It was so fun to see him perform, he is exactly as he seems on the screen and is still such a good looking man.

Saturday I spent more time exploring and was most excited to see a group that I recently discovered (thanks to Carey) called The Lone Bellow.  I'm a huge music fan, but find that I listen to more artists that aren't getting radio play than those that are.  They tend to write their own music, have more passionate music and aren't audio tuned to the max.  If you can perform for me live and still impress me then I think that says a lot about the music and talent this day and age.  The Lone Bellow did not disappoint AT ALL.  I was more in love with them after watching them live than I was on the album.  I could have left the concert at that point and been content with my whole experience.  If you have not heard of this group, please go watch this and then please go buy their album!  If you are going to Outside Lands in SF, please take me with you so I can see them again.

After watching them I got to attend the meet and greet and have them sign their CD.

I loved them even more after that.  Zach was soo sweet, and it was cute that he wrote "Be Giddy" when he signed the CD.  When I walked up and introduced myself I told him I was going to try not to be all giddy talking to them.  Brian then thanked me for singing along the whole time they were playing and I almost pee'd myself.  It really meant a lot to me, which is so silly, but I had so much fun and glad he knew I did.  Such a sweet group of people and I hope that they get far...I can't imagine that they won't.

Thankfully I did still had one more day on Sunday.  It was the hottest day, between 106-108 and people were SUPER mellow.  I think everyone was just trying not to die of heat stroke.  Zac Brown Band was the headliner and the end of the whole weekend and what a fantastic way to go out.  Another group that really knows how to put on a live show.

Such a wonderful three days and I absolutely can't wait to go back next year!

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