Monday, April 15, 2013

I've got some bitching to do.

Figured it would be best to just get that out there so you know what you are about to embark on if you decide to read this post.  You see though, I have a story that I just can't help but share.  A story of a strained and rocky relationship.

The relationship is with...Sears.

Many many years ago I bought a refrigerator from Sears and to make a long story short the fridge was delivered three times and each time something was wrong with it.  On the third time I told them to just cancel the order.  It then took them almost two months to credit me.  TWO MONTHS.  I vowed to never shop there again.

Guess what?  Like the stupid person that I am, a couple years ago I started giving Sears a second chance.  I haven't purchased much there, a couple tools for Bill, a little stroller and some socks.  I've kept it very minimal.  Over three weeks ago the Ball company released some limited edition blue canning jars and I knew I had to have some.  I searched around online and most places were sold out, but Sears had them in stock.  I ordered three boxes of them.

The very next day a friend was looking for them and I found a little hardware store online that still had some and when I looked at the price with shipping I realized it was HALF what I was paying for them at Sears.  So, I emailed Sears to see if I could cancel the order.  I got an email back telling me that actually, the order was already cancelled because the item was out of stock and that I should get a system email soon letting me know my credit was on the way.

Guess who never got a system email?  Guess who never even got ONE email this whole time unless I prompted the conversation?  ME ME ME!  If I hadn't reached out to Sears I would still be sitting around wondering where my order was.

Now, Sears deals with other merchants (kind of similar to what Amazon does.)  Though my order was placed with Sears and it was Sears who billed me, it was actually that was supposed to fill the order.  They were the ones that replied to my original email saying the item was out of stock.  So I emailed them again telling them I hadn't received a system email and hadn't received a credit.  They said they couldn't help and I needed to talk to Sears.

I called Sears, and guess what they told me?  Yep, they couldn't help and I would need to talk to the merchant.  Let's get this straight, the order was PLACED with Sears, the money was given to and taken from Sears, but when it came to getting my money back it was of course not their problem.  I went back to again and hit a dead end because they didn't have my money or know method of payment since they had nothing to do with it.

I called Sears again, FURIOUS.  I can't say I was the nicest person on the phone with them but I was not going to let them give me the run around again.  Still, by the time I ended that conversation I was told that the research department would be looking into it and would get back to me within 24-48 hours.  I got an email 48 hours later that the research department would need another 5-7 days.  Remember, I have no product, I have no emails about the product from them without my initiation and yet they would need up to a week to "investigate."

Let me tell you what it took to get my money back.  Thankfully I paid with Paypal and filed a claim with them.  Within a week they took care of it and got me my refund.  Who is to thank for that, Paypal.  Should I have had to file a claim to get money back from a company like Sears?  HELL NO.

I'm 100% certain I will NEVER shop at Sears again and will encourage EVERYONE I know to do the same.


  1. Blue canning jars, we sincerely apologize for the disappointment surrounding your online purchase, and for any inconvenience it may have caused you. We would be happy to offer our assistance. Please send the following information – contact #, screen name (Blue canning jars) phone # used at time of purchase to
    Thank you,
    Dianne D.
    Social Media Moderator
    Sears Social Media Suppor

    1. This is the most unprofessional reply from a business I have ever seen.

  2. Sears is the worst!! The steal money from people and then give you the run around on refunding you even when they are in the wrong. They did the same thing to me at Christmastime with a watch. They told me it would take 7-10 business day (2 weeks!) to investigate whether a refund was approved. Approved??? the item was not in stock! It was unethical of them to charge me for something they did not have and then they have the nerve to tell me I have to get approval for a refund?! Their customer service also told me they would contact me within 48 hours. I too only received my refund by filing a dispute with my credit card company. They refunded me within 24 hours of filing. Then 3 or 4 days later I receive an email from Sears telling me they've processed a refund. No they didn't. My credit card company processed a chargeback that Sears had no grounds to fight. Sears is shady. I will never do business with them again and have told every single person I can about my experience. I also filed complaints with the BBB and State Attorney General's office.

  3. And now I am going to order those jars from amazon! Love them!