Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Weekend Recap

This weekend was GREAT!  This was our first Easter where we really didn't have to be anywhere at a certain time or plan much of anything. Could just get up and do what we wanted and enjoy the day.  The weather was beautiful most of the time which was a huge bonus.

On Saturday we woke up early and met some friends for breakfast and then headed to Bertha Henschel park for an Easter egg hunt.  Leyton had a blast finding eggs and then trying to eat every single piece of candy that he found.

Oh, can we stop for a second to talk about candy because I have a pet peeve.  Leyton is almost two and we has been the recipient of some birthday goody bags and filled Easter eggs.  I, as his Mom, have also had to make birthday goody bags and fill eggs for other kids.  Can I ask what the deal is with the gobstopper?  I mean at what age does a jawbreaker become a good candy option?  Is there an age?  For a moment, let's say that age is 8....can we just agree though that if there are children who are under the age of 8 that might be present then the gobstopper should maybe not be the first candy you pick?  Seriously, I'm over the damn gobstopper.

Let's move on.  The Easter Bunny was present at the egg hunt and I figured Leyton was going to stay a million miles away from him.  He's not a huge fan of characters but isn't deathly frightened either.  I'd call him cautiously curious.  While we were there he wanted to know where the Easter bunny was, say him, said he didn't want to see him and then twenty minutes later decided to climb on the park bench with him.  It was soo funny.  He ended up going back later for another round and sat much closer.

Saturday night there was an amazing thunder and lightning storm at our house and I can't believe he slept through it.  That thunder was so loud it was rattling the windows and setting all the car alarms off.  Because of rain our Easter basket was in the house and we didn't do an egg hunt at home until after nap on Sunday.

We woke up and colored eggs and I have to say, I love the muted tone the eggs had since I was using brown eggs.  It was just the three of us for Easter dinner but I made a feast for 10 of course.  The food was all beautiful and while I made some mashed potatoes and ham for the hub...everything else was super super healthy!

I'm looking forward to my leftovers today, that salad in the bottom left was sooo yummy!

Hope you and yours had a Happy Easter weekend!

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