Friday, April 19, 2013

A little at a time....

Yesterday I went to the doctor and asked if I could have a print out of my weight since I started going.  My first visit was on April 21, 2011 and at that visit I weighed 260 lbs.  This is the heaviest I have ever been.  I was not this heavy when I was giving birth to my almost 10lb baby boy.  I could not call this baby weight because I walked out of delivery weighing less than I did BEFORE I got pregnant.

I looked at the chart and noticed that the weight has gone up and down a little but never back up to 260.  I got down to 240 and then yo yo'd a bit from 240 to 230 for a good year.

My current weight on a doctor's office scale is 227.8.

I've lost 32.2 lbs in almost exactly 2 years.  That's something to celebrate right?  It felt good to know that over a couple years I am weighing less and less.  On average, according to studies, people tend to gain 5-10lbs each year.  If I think of it that way I could easily be sitting here at 280lbs...inching towards that 300lb mark with each passing year.  Instead, I'm making it a mission to weigh a little less each year.  Does it have to be a ton, no.  If I lost another 32.2 lbs over the next two years I will be SUPER HAPPY with that.  That would mean I would be under 200lbs.  That would mean I was getting healthier with each passing year.

I've done Weight Watchers a lot during the course of my life.  I have watched myself and other balk at little weight losses.  "Oh man," I would think, "I only lost .5lbs this week."  Losing a percentage of a pound always seemed like a failure and I'm sure most people out there would agree that when this happens to them they get frustrated and feel like they didn't do something right.  AND YET, all of those people would probably cheer for my 32.2lb weight loss.  When you look at the big picture you will realize that is the equivalent of losing .3lbs a week.

It's time for us to STOP beating ourselves up and START celebrating every little bit of success that we have no matter how small it seems!

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