Monday, March 25, 2013

Weekend Recap

Follow my blog with Bloglovin When I started the new blog I was sooo excited to do a Monday weekend recap.  Ummm, I've done one.  Oh well, onward we go.

This weekend was FULL.  On Saturday we headed out to Davis in the morning so I could go to WW (down 1.7lbs) and I could bike shop.  Since Leyton is biking now and Bill is long boarding, this Mama needed to keep up.  I haven't had a bike since 2008 when I thought I might never bike or walk again.  I'm so excited to have a bike again and see a lot of biking in my summer.  Oh, and I promise I wear a helmet, it was new and I couldn't get it adjusted right so it's in the basket in this picture.

Saturday evening we celebrated a friend who finished up another degree with a night out at Luca.  We saw a lot of people we haven't seen in a long time and I may have had some five sangria.  It was fun to get together and the dinner was delicious.  The husband and I got forced (him more than me) into a kissing photo.  He is not a fan of the picture and made sure to show it in his face.  I can assure you he really does love me, I mean it's written all over his face!

Sunday Leyton and I headed out for a Mommy/Son day.  We had a bunch of errands to run so we put on our shades and hit the road. 

I took him out to Lincoln to visit with my Dad.  I started thinking about my comments on Leyton not having a Grandpa and decided SHIT...I need to stop all this complaining.  My Dad may not ever win "Worlds Greatest Grandpa" but damn it he is still ALIVE and while I may have to make the effort to see him he is such a fun man that I know Leyton will love.

I mean he gets to drive around on a golf cart with him!  

My Dad wasn't ever a real Dad to me most of the time but damn it if I don't love the man and recognize that he can be one of the funnest guys on the earth and can easily put a smile on your face.  I'm going to make sure we have more Grandpa Bruce outings in the future.

After our visit we headed to the Fountains to visit Becki at West Elm and see if the train was running.  Sadly it was not and sadly I had a crazy kid that hadn't napped yet so it wasn't the greatest trip ever.  I spent the whole time in West Elm wanting to buy everything in the store and wanting to not buy things just because we broke them.  We made it out unscathed but also empty handed.

Leyton has definitely entered into a heavy stage of wants.  It's a fine line because I do find myself caving a lot just in hopes that it will keep him quiet.  It's not always buying things either.  At home he can jump from wanting one thing to the next and within 5 minutes has given me about 20 things he wants.  It drives me batty, but I'm really trying to work on him realizing that he can't have everything he wants.

Overall, great weekend but this mama is EXHAUSTED.  Is it Friday yet?  I mean because next weekend guess what?  Full plate!

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