Tuesday, March 19, 2013

It's the little things....

I've been with my husband for almost 15 years.  I was just 22 years old when we started dating, a complete baby.  I'm happy to say that after that amount of time I still love this man with all of my heart and soul.  Sure, there are times I want to kill him and I'm sure he wants to kill me too.  The thing is, if I killed him, I'd just miss him too damn much.  That's true love right?  Finding the person you just couldn't possibly kill live without?

I will say though there are times when we fall into the same old same old routine.  We lose a little spice and have to find it again.  We get stagnant in our love for each other.  It may seem like a childish girly notion but I want to be sure that I fall in love with Bill over and over again.  So, to do this I make sure to focus on the little things.  I don't look for them, they just happen.  It's that old cliche about how important the little things are.

A couple weeks ago my husband got a long board.  When he said he wanted one I was a little freaked.  We aren't spring chickens anymore and I just had images of him falling off the thing and hurting himself.  I hadn't even heard him mention that he had EVER skateboarded so it seemed a little crazy.  A forty something on a skateboard?  Is there going to be a Porsche next?

Most days now that the weather is nice my husband heads out the door on his long board carrying Leyton's Strider bike and helmet.  He picks Leyton up at daycare and they bike/skate home together.

In that moment, I feel in love with him all over again.  Plus, Leyton thinks he has a pretty cool daddy.

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