Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Hello healthy, my old friend.....

Yes, I know I told you I was starting Weight Watchers and of course that means that we shouldn't have to talk about me getting healthy AGAIN but we are and so there. I mean do you know what season it is? It's Easter. Do you know what I have a terrible terrible addiction to? These...

I once tried to figure out why I have to eat two of these at a time, which is typically almost every day. I think because waaaaaay back when I was a child of the 80's I pretty much was the pickiest candy eater ever. I liked gummies and hated chocolate. However, I really hated all candy related to Easter. Jellybeans? blech. Peeps? blech. Chocolate eggs? blech. The list went on and on. The only Easter candy I did like were those damn Reese's eggs. I loved them and you could ONLY get them once a year right around Easter. This was also back when we didn't start seeing Easter items until about two weeks before.

 So, when these things were out you stock piled and you ate them because in a couple days they would be gone and you would not see them again for a year. Problem, they now come out for EVERY DAMN HOLIDAY. Screw you Reese's trees, pumpkins, hearts, etc.

 Anyway, I digress. While I did join WW and I did lose 1.7lbs last week I also did eat a copious amount of Reese's trees. Add to that a copious (for me anyway) amount of booze and what that all adds up to is: NOT HEALTHY Also, while I am doing WW I also know that I cannot eat everything I want in moderation. I wanted to find something to motivate me again to go more of a whole food eating. I wanted to get back on smoothies in the morning for breakfast and a lot of veggies throughout the day. I also needed to AVOID sugar. It is my weakness, but in weird ways which we will have to talk about another time.

 In walked Lauren. Lauren is a rep for Arbonne. I have heard of it for quite some time and was ready to give it a shot. I have known for a couple weeks that I was going to incorporate this into WW, but I was giving myself time to order the product, learn the program and get groceries. Yesterday was the start day. Here's the thing, it's VERY similar to the things I have done in the past few months, it's just a different brand. I'm doing their 30 day program which basically consists of me having a shake for breakfast, a lunch full of veggies with some protein and carbs and a dinner full of veggies and some protein. I'm avoiding dairy, sugar, gluten, coffee and alcohol. The nice thing is right now I'm not detoxing like I have in the past which is NICE. I take that as a good sign that while I got off track I wasn't off so long that my body completely lost it's way. Instead my body is happy, it's like hey...this is let's just STAY ON THIS DAMN TRACK WOMAN.

Tomorrow I'm also meeting one on one with Scott, who I would really consider my life coach at this point. He's the man that got this all started for me in the beginning and I can't tell you what it means to me to have him pop in still and say, "What are you doing? You keep Instagraming booze!" Not in those words exactly, but he's paying attention and reaching out when he knows I need help because I obviously have a hard time reaching out myself. Not only are we going to chat but we are going to work out and lord help me, I hope I am alive after it.

 So, here I am on the track again and remembering how good healthy feels.

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