Friday, March 29, 2013

Age is just a number.

This is something I have lived by.  I'm 37 years old.  Do I sometimes feel old, hell yes.  Especially when I'm looking at Zac Efron.

In those moments I feel like an old old dirty lady.  That's not what I'm here to talk about though.  With regards to age, it just doesn't bother me.  I've never stressed over a birthday, I've never worried about a passing year.  Instead I just think, "awesome, I made it another year!"

Why can't it be the same with weight?  Why can't weight be just a number?  Something that I don't think about all the time or slightly obsess over.

When I first started doing diets in my life I did Weight Watchers.  I am thankful that they at least taught me to weight myself once a week.  It's something that whenever I am dieting I still stick to.  No daily, no every other day.  Once a week.  Same day, same time, once a week.

Talking to Scott yesterday it was interesting to hear him say that he doesn't even pay attention to weight.  He doesn't count calories and doesn't advocate for people to watch that number.  He wants people to choose a clean and healthy active lifestyle and those other things will just fall into place on their own.  I walked away wondering if I could just focus on clean and healthy and not think about how much I weigh, how much I might be gaining or losing.

After our talk I went into the locker room to get ready.  While in there I watched two different VERY skinny girls....literally scary skinny girls go over to the scale to weigh themselves.  I can't tell you what they weighed, but I can tell you that it was at or under just 100lbs.  These were women in their late twenties to early thirties who were skeletal skinny and they were STILL worried about that number.

I have to be honest, it scared the shit out of me.  In that moment I thought I might not ever weigh myself again.  I don't want to get to a point where I am feeling great when I wake up, feeling great when I work out, feeling great in my clothes and feeling great all around and still be standing on a scale to make sure I am still measuring up.

Never weighing myself seems so scary though, so I'm going to take it slowly.  I'm going to try to weigh myself every other week with the hope that I will eventually cut back to once a month and eventually not really need to weight myself much at all.  Now with Weight Watchers that is tough, but I think I'll just weigh and not have them tell me.

How about you?  Do you weight yourself frequently?  Could you imagine never weighing in to see what the scales tell you?

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