Thursday, March 14, 2013

A big boy!

I know that I put stuff off for a while with Leyton.  Since he isn't always the "easiest" I wait for as long as possible to climb through milestones.  Not that I feel like I'm holding him back, but I'm just not always pushing him forward.  Potty training for example has been completely on his terms.  In some ways I think this is good.  I'm not forcing him to do it if he doesn't want to BUT HOLY GOODNESS would I love to not have to buy diapers.  Let's me honest though, diapers are easy.  I throw them on and who cares if he pees because aside from busting out a wipe I never have to clean up any big messes.  He occasionally asks to use the toilet and I encourage it when he does, but I'm also not suggesting it.

The crib is another example.  He will be three in May and was still in a crib.  Again, not the end of the world but man I wanted that crib out of his room.  When we moved we put a twin bed in the room and I just had images of this big boy room with a big boy bed, no crib included.  The crib was easy though.  I could put him in and he couldn't get out.  Well, he could but thankfully never tried.  It essentially was like crate training a dog and the thought of allowing him to have more space frightened me.  It was time though.

So, to make things easier (I hoped) I did two things.  I put light switch covers over the lights in his room so he couldn't turn them on and off.  I also put a gate up at the door.  Basically at bedtime lights would get turned off and I would by no means make him stay in the bed.  If he was going to get up and play though it would be in his room and with the light of a night light.  I know the gate would mean not "teaching" him to stay in his room and instead forcing him but a mom has to do what a mom has to do and I just feel like I can't teach him everything at once!

We started the big boy bed on Saturday and so far so good!  He loves it!  While we have had a night or two that he likes to get up and then wants us to tuck him back in, once we do tuck back in he is fine.  I imagined screaming fits at the gate, all night play sessions in his room.  For once it has gone way better than I expected.  The first attempt was at nap and immediately after me leaving the room he climbed out of bed.  Not 15 minutes later though he climbed back in and slept for three hours!

It's nice to have that milestone under our belt, next up...potty training!

Last night I had a really funny conversation with Leyton that I NEED to document somewhere other than Facebook.  Leyton was in the office pointing to different days on our wall calendar and chattering to himself. It then went down like this:

Me: What are you doing?
Leyton: Picking out dates.
Me: Dates for what?
Leyton: Being naked.

All I can say is at least he is a planner!!!!

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