Monday, February 25, 2013

We have teeth.....

This year I decided to do something a little different.  Something that was either going to make me seem like the biggest horses ass or get me pinned.  I decided to not have a birthday party for Leyton in May.  Instead, I would have him a teeth party.  You see, all of his teeth are in now and if you have followed along at all then teething for Leyton has been MISERABLE.  I wanted to celebrate his teeth!  I wanted to have all of his friends together to play with no party expectations.

Guess what?  It was a blast!  It was so fun to have a play date and have the parents together to bull shit without singing of Happy Birthday, without stopping to open gifts.  It was just a party that flowed along on it's natural course.

We played Pin the Bowtie on the Tooth, Ana Apples made a custom shirt and my friend Beth made a cake.

I also put out a craft for each person to make their own smile.  It was wonderful!  I have decided that while I may have more birthday parties in the future, I also will find time to celebrate the other milestones.

Peepee on the potty party anyone??

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