Thursday, February 28, 2013

Hearts for the Arts

On Tuesday Kate and I decided to venture out into the community to do good for another organization.  OK, we may have been out to have fun AND get ideas for our organization...but we were doing good and that's all that matters.

Any Given Child was hosting a Hearts for the Arts event in Sacramento that included a silent auction and bidding auction for local artists pieces that were inspired by a heart.

We had a blast!  It was fun to get out and see what others are doing in the community and get some ideas for the Getty Owl Foundation.  We also showed our support and each bought a piece of art that we fell in love with.

I came home with a piece by Nicholas Wray, a local Sacramento photographer that I feel like I have been stalking because we have so many friend connections.  It was nice to finally meet face to face.

When I got home with the piece I was so happy to see how perfect it was going to look in our room.  I knew I wanted to hang it over the bed and "hoped" it was going to work.  Once I got home I KNEW it would work.

I'm so happy with our room in this new house.  Before, in the old place, it was just a bed.  Someplace to go and sleep.  Having more space has given me the ability to really make it a retreat.  A space I want to go into.  The new art makes it even more perfect.

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