Thursday, February 28, 2013

Hearts for the Arts

On Tuesday Kate and I decided to venture out into the community to do good for another organization.  OK, we may have been out to have fun AND get ideas for our organization...but we were doing good and that's all that matters.

Any Given Child was hosting a Hearts for the Arts event in Sacramento that included a silent auction and bidding auction for local artists pieces that were inspired by a heart.

We had a blast!  It was fun to get out and see what others are doing in the community and get some ideas for the Getty Owl Foundation.  We also showed our support and each bought a piece of art that we fell in love with.

I came home with a piece by Nicholas Wray, a local Sacramento photographer that I feel like I have been stalking because we have so many friend connections.  It was nice to finally meet face to face.

When I got home with the piece I was so happy to see how perfect it was going to look in our room.  I knew I wanted to hang it over the bed and "hoped" it was going to work.  Once I got home I KNEW it would work.

I'm so happy with our room in this new house.  Before, in the old place, it was just a bed.  Someplace to go and sleep.  Having more space has given me the ability to really make it a retreat.  A space I want to go into.  The new art makes it even more perfect.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Post Run

The Getty Owl Run/Walk was this past weekend and in case words aren't good enough for you to understand how it went, let me have you watch two minutes of video.

Two minutes.  That's how long it took most everyone to cross the start line.  That is amazing!  The local news was out and even asked we start the race a minute late just so it could air on live TV.  We didn't ask them to be there, we didn't know they would be there...they just came.

If you build it, they will come. You know what, they did.  We raised over $30,000.  For a little non profit that is flying by the seat of their pants that is not too shabby.

Here's to kicking SMA's ass and taking names.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Like mommy, like son.

Man I love this kid.  There are moments when I look at him and my body fills with so much joy it hurts and I feel like I might burst.

Twenty minutes after this shot I wanted to kill him.  Being a parent is crazy.  I was so unprepared for the emotional roller coaster it would contain.  I knew I would love my son like no other, what I wasn't prepared for were the times when I would want to kill him.  Those times are frequent.  Leyton isn't a difficult child and yet he is a difficult child.  Then again, maybe that is just what a child is.  It's why they have a phrase called The Terrible Twos.

He can be so loving, so polite, so friendly and then you turn on a dime and he is throwing rocks at the window and calling me Poopy.  It is such a struggle for me because I feel like I'm always at a loss with how to deal with it.  His Dad is much better at it, which is why he has taken over at bedtime.  Bedtime was such a stressful thing for me and my anxiety level went down tremendously when I handed over the reins there.

Lately I have been struggling with my decision to have one child.  I was an only child.  I don't feel like I had less of anything or more of anything because of it, but I do remember the times when I wish I had a sibling to share things with.  I see Leyton with friends or with his niece and nephew and I think, man I wish I could give Leyton a playmate.  Then logic kicks in and I realize that having another child just to give your first child someone to play with really isn't a good enough reason.

Then I watch videos like this and I want to have 100 children.

This is something I would do as a child.  Leyton's love of music is my favorite thing in the whole world.  Listening to him sing along with the radio melts my heart.  It is so amazing as a parent to see traits of yourself come out in your child and for me, it makes me want to have more.  That seems odd, because it feels really self loving.

The thing is, I couldn't handle more.  Ugh, that is the hardest thing I have ever written.  I don't blame Leyton for that, he could be a super easy child (and maybe even is) and for me one may just be all that I can handle.  I know that one is enough, but that doesn't mean at times I won't get sad.  I will see families of two and three and wonder how they are able to handle it all and I am not.  I get sad that I won't hold a tiny infant in my hands and smell that sweet and wonderful smell.  I'm sure a lot of this just had to do with a biological clock that is ticking like mad in my body right now and brings out all these maternal desires.  Here's to finding the snooze button or off button on that damn thing sooner than later!

Monday, February 25, 2013

We have teeth.....

This year I decided to do something a little different.  Something that was either going to make me seem like the biggest horses ass or get me pinned.  I decided to not have a birthday party for Leyton in May.  Instead, I would have him a teeth party.  You see, all of his teeth are in now and if you have followed along at all then teething for Leyton has been MISERABLE.  I wanted to celebrate his teeth!  I wanted to have all of his friends together to play with no party expectations.

Guess what?  It was a blast!  It was so fun to have a play date and have the parents together to bull shit without singing of Happy Birthday, without stopping to open gifts.  It was just a party that flowed along on it's natural course.

We played Pin the Bowtie on the Tooth, Ana Apples made a custom shirt and my friend Beth made a cake.

I also put out a craft for each person to make their own smile.  It was wonderful!  I have decided that while I may have more birthday parties in the future, I also will find time to celebrate the other milestones.

Peepee on the potty party anyone??

Friday, February 22, 2013

This Weekend!

If you are in the Sacramento area and looking for something fun to do this weekend I highly recommend you come out to this!

It's a gorgeous location and a family fun event!  Plus you are helping a great cause.  Hope to see you all there!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Family Fun Time!

This past week was fantastic!  Last Friday my niece and nephew from Washington came to stay with us for 5 days.  They aren't here very often and haven't ever come by themselves so I wanted to be sure that they had a great time.  I filled those 5 days to the BRIM with activity.

When they were getting ready to arrive I asked them to send me a list of 4 things that they wanted to do while they were here.  They could each pick two, they could decide on 4 together...however they wanted to do it.  I got an email back with two things:

1.  John's Incredible Pizza
2.  Have dinner with Grandpa

In that order.  It made me both laugh and cry.

I made sure we did both items on top of a whole bunch of other stuff.  We had a party for Leyton (more on that later),

we went to Old Sac and the Railroad Museum,

we went to Pier 39, Alcatraz, Fisherman's Wharf, Lombard Street and The Golden Gate Bridge.

Leyton had an absolutely blast with them while they were here.  On the morning he woke up and realized they were at the house he immediately hugged Hayden and wouldn't stop touching him and looking at him.  Now that they are gone, all he can talk about is where are Hayden and Andrea.  I absolutely love my family and it's time like these when I realize it is not fun having to be so far apart.

Thanks for the good times, it was a blast having you both here and I can't wait till you come back!

Friday, February 15, 2013

I feel pretty.....

A month ago Leyton and I met up with the amazing Morgan Saunders for a photo shoot in Auburn.  We haven't had any pics taken of the kiddo since he was about 16 months so he was WAY OVER DUE.  The day ended up one of those perfect days with Leyton.  He was in a great mood and we had a blast.  I didn't stress over the pictures like I normally do.  I figured if we got just one I would be happy and so I just let him go about his business and Morgan got to work chasing him around.

What a beautiful child I have.  When I see pictures of him it makes me want to have more children.  The perfect way that he looks just like me and just like my husband....why not have 10 more?

Morgan did an excellent job of capturing his playful personality as well.  She made getting pictures taken fun.

I had no thoughts of really being in any pictures, maybe just one or two with Leyton but definitely none of just me.  I'm not completely shy in front of the camera (which you know if you follow me on Instagram) but I definitely don't like having my pictures taken.  I always feel like I look goofy.  I feel like I look fat.  I feel like I look frumpy.  I am my own worst critic.

So, as a defense, I did what I do best.  Act goofy.

Acting goofy gives me a distraction when I look at the photo.  It gives me something to laugh at and it puts my harsh self judging eye to rest.

But then I got to this shot.  It was a shot I didn't know Morgan was taking.

You know what, I'm pretty.  My hair looks amazing, my smile warming and friendly.  I don't think I've ever said that before out loud (or for all to read).  Thing is, I don't give myself enough credit.  I beat myself up for being big instead of realizing that I'm an attractive strong woman.  My packaging may not be perfect, but what's inside isn't so bad.

Thanks Morgan for making me feel pretty.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Weekend Recap

I'm going to try my best to each Monday do a recap of the weekend.  I'm not sure that I will blog every day Monday through Friday, but I'm going to try my best.  However, I'm going to give myself the weekends off.  I used to blog every single day...and it got exhausting.  Now I understand why bloggers rest on the weekend.  Plus it gives me some material on Mondays!

This weekend was the kind of weekend you need another weekend to recover from.  It was GO GO GO.  On the other hand, it was an absolutely WONDERFUL weekend.

On Saturday I joined my good friend Kate at the Valentine's Day run to pass out information for the upcoming Getty Owl Run/Walk.  If you are local and have not signed up for this yet PLEASE DO.  It's a wonderful and beautiful course and all for a good cause.  Kate and I always have a blast when we work this booth together.

I of course had to take a picture of us

and quickly realized I had taken much the same picture last year.

I'm telling you Kate, we are getting better with age!  A couple booths down from us was a Disney booth of some sort and Kate wanted a Peter Pan decal for Getty so I went over and got one.  They said in order to get one I had to take a picture with it.  I took the most ridiculous one that I could and then asked the guy to text it to me.
I think he thought I was hitting on him and trying to get his phone number.

After the race I hurried home, picked up Leyton and took him to a birthday party at John's Incredible Pizza. He had never been and I knew he would be in love with it.  I was not wrong.  He loved playing the games and more than that...LOVED THE RIDES!  Especially the big one in the middle the tilted and spun.
He was all smiles on that ride and asked to go again and again.

Sunday I was blessed with a little boy that decided to sleep in.  He came into bed with us about 3am after a nightmare and it was sure nice snuggling with him until 8am.  After we got ourselves together we headed out to Davis for our weekly breakfast with my Father in Law, a man I love with all my heart.  I can sit in silence with him through breakfast and just be filled with joy beyond words.

The next item on my to do list...a massage!  Oh my heavens, I have not had a massage in well over a year and it was so wonderful.  If you are in the Sacramento area, you must try out Kat!  I will definitely be going back, and hopefully sooner than later.

We finished the day with a birthday dinner with some friends and then home to tuck into bed.  It was such a wonderful weekend spent with friends and family.  This coming weekend my niece and nephew will be staying with us and it is sure to be another eventful and wonderful one!

Friday, February 8, 2013

#YU30 Challenge

When it started to become clear to me that I was very addicted to food, I really had to take a step back and evaluate how things were going to play out moving forward.  As I mentioned in my addiction post, modification at this point is just not an option.

Here's some other things you don't know.  At the end of September I started the two week cleanse.  After that I ate a vegan diet until Thanksgiving, that was my first stray from the diet.  I did pretty good up until Christmas and then started sliding down the hill really fast.  I was gaining weight, my stomach was a wreck, but there were other things.  I was developing rashes on my body, bumps on my body...things I've never had happen before.  I also started losing my hair.  The hair loss was very reminisce of when I was post Leyton delivery.  I started to freak out.  Then I started looking at the big picture.

That couple months previous to my slide down the slide I had given my body nutrients it probably didn't know existed.  Things it had never seen before and it LOVED it.  It was happy, it was healthy, I had a ton of energy.  Then I took it all away.  I think my body started to revolt.  While it had eaten like this before, it now knew that the grass was indeed greener on the other side and damn wanted back over the fence.

I first say the #YU30 Challenge from a friend Caitlyn.  She posted it on Facebook and I thought, hmmm...maybe I will do that.  As it got closer to the start I got scared.  My mind didn't want to give up all the things I had been indulging on again.  I put off grocery shopping and finally on Feb 2nd, two days into the start I got to the grocery store and bought my supplies.  I officially started on the 3rd.  By the end of the evening I was a wreck.  I had a major headache, I was pissed off, I wanted to crawl in bed.  The 4th felt very much the same.  Now, it's the 8th and I'm feeling great!  The recipes on Yum Universe are fantastic.  I've made some homemade granola, and will never buy granola from the store again.  My favorite recipe by far was this quiche from the other night.

It was DELICIOUS.  Even the hubby went back for seconds and we had it as a leftover last night.

The bumps on my skin are going away, my rash is almost all cleared up and my hair isn't falling out quite as much.  I'm not waking up with headaches.  I'm in a better mood and much more patient with the balls in my household.  I'm happy.  My body is happy.  I look forward to the month ahead and all of the new foods I will discover.

When I started the cleanse back in September I knew I needed a system refresh.  After that point I wasn't sure which direction I would head.  By December I just figured I could eat whatever I wanted in moderation.  That was not the case.  What I now know is that I need to be plant strong for life.  Does that mean I won't ever have another bite of meat or cheese, probably not..I'm sure I will.  Does that mean I won't have bit of cake at a birthday party, probably not.  What it does mean is that I am going to make a major lifestyle change.  That my idea of "normal eating" is not normal at all.  It's processed and full of junk.  I'm creating a new normal.  Don't worry, I'll still be a little crazy no matter how normal it may be!

Thanks to Yum Universe for putting on this #YU30 challenge and sharing the wonderful recipes and tips. You came along right when I needed you most!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Is everyone on the bus?

Here it is.  The first official post.  Get a cup of coffee and sit down for a while!

Ummmm, what should we talk about?  Why do feel so new at this?  I'm like a blogging virgin.

Nah, not really.  I'm like an old whore at this stuff so let r rip!

First up a HUGE thanks to Chris at Hubby Jack's Blog for the new design.  It looks fantastic and you were so patient with me and all my ridiculous questions!  If you haven't read Chris's blog yet, head over there.  Although if you are a woman that is easily offended you might not.  Then again, you are here and I just called myself an old whore so we should be all good.

I have been blogging on Pill's Place since September of 2006.  Yep, I'm one of those lifer bloggers that never really got anywhere.  I have no book deals, no one paying me any money to do any of this, no advertisers knocking on my door and I still have a day job.  Still, I write.  It's therapy.  As I said on my old blog, it's a place for me to drain my brain and you to read all about it.

So, what's in store on the new site?  Much the same I just wanted to freshen up a bit.  Us whores still want to look pretty you know!  The new name, if you know me you should be able to figure it out.  If you don't, well my last name is Ball and the jokes just never get old.  I'm in a household of balls, the only female in the joint...unless you count the dog, he lost his balls long ago.

Let's take a look around shall we?

First up, that's me in the left hand corner.  If you want to follow me anywhere else (Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, etc) you can use those little links under my giant picture.  If you want to join the site you can do that too or you can have it emailed to you when I post an update.  If you like me enough, you can throw my button on your blog!

Now for the top bar.
Home: That's where you will find all posts, it's the page that loads each time you come here.

Finding Balance:  Any post I do with regards to my struggles to lose weight and find balance in my eating you will be linked on here (and also the Home page).  I've dieted most of my life.  I've always lost the weight and found it though.  At the end of September last year I did a cleanse.  You can read all about it here.  I then transitioned to a plant based diet and then over the holidays transitioned to a diet of shit on a shingle.  I put weight back on and have sense really come to terms with my addiction to food which you can read all about here.  I'm going for it again and contemplating a pretty drastic lifestyle change.

The Balls: Any post I do about my family will be linked on here (and also the Home page.)

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Blog Loving: Sites that I love to read, this is an ever growing list.

There you have it!  I hope you stick around and find something interesting along the way.  Oh and feel free to comment, I love comments.  Unless you are mean and anonymous, then you can go play in someone else's yard!